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J.M Basile & Associates


J.M. Basile & Associates, Inc., Commercial & Industrial Realtors serve the Greater Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery County areas, and are strategically located in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. 
Experienced, professional, locally oriented and knowledgeable, we specialize in sales, leasing, and management of office, commercial and industrial properties.  
We are efficient and aggressive with a reputation of being result-oriented.  We take pride in the satisfaction of our clients and in providing the highest degree of service, competency and knowledge of the Real Estate industry, and of the communities served.


Commercial & Industrial Realtors serving the Greater Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery County areas

J.M. Basile Headquarters

My agent for more than 20 years with excellent service. Very helpful, pleasant and friendly to work with.


Dr. Raj K. Shah

Family and Cosmetic Dentistry
Jeffersonville, PA

Suzanne L. Basile

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J.M. Basile & Associates, Inc.

April 30 at 2:36 PM

"I found J.M. Basile & Associates, Inc. through an internet search. The company had the most commercial listings in my area. Once I contacted the company, Suzanne Basile came right out and assessed the property. Sue was very friendly and professional. She explained all the details involved with selling the property. She had floor plans drawn up and made a very professional brochure for the listing. Sue seems to know everyone and has many contacts in the area. She was constantly showing the property and reaching out to her connections to find a buyer. After a buyer was found and property inspections were made, we encountered a laundry list of issues. Sue is very educated in all aspects of real estate and gave the best advice. Sue also discovered discrepancies in the agreement of sale. Sue’s accuracy to detail and knowledge meant it wasn’t necessary to hire a lawyer, thus saving me lots of money. If you have commercial property to sell, I highly recommend Suzanne Basile." - Katherine Lozinak

J.M. Basile & Associates, Inc.

April 29 at 4:00 PM

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